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mind the gap, mind the girl. have another drink on me.


27 January 1995
This journal is partially

Feel free to add me, though, but the chances that I'll add you back are higher if you comment on the first post.

• Emma
• 19
• Danish
• UK based

Right now, I'm a graduate working a full-time job in London, so that's how I'm spending my day. Aside from being online for hours, of course.

Like every other person, I love music, and my taste in music is pretty wide. I like stuff from Tom Odell to Rammstein, doesn't that say something? I'm an avid reader as well, just throwing it out there. I like lots of TV shows and movie as well.

My main fandoms are Shameless, Teen Wolf, Merlin, One Direction and Tokio Hotel. And I'm here for all the girl groups.

Emma ♥