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Always always always follow your gut.

I was going to go to the Hobbit premiere, as I live in London, on December 1st. I didn't cos I was too hungover and thought 'ah well, I'm not really that big of a fan either'.

I'm trash. I'm trash. I AM TRASH.

I am so obsessed with everything middle earth after marathoning LotR and The Hobbit and after the midnight premiere. I AM OBSESSED AND I AM ABOUT TEN YEARS LATE.

I don't think I've got any other regrets this year that this. I should have gone. All of my favourites were there. LEE PACE WAS THERE. WHY DIDN'T I GO. GOD DAMMIT, HANGOVER BE DAMED I SHOULD HAVE GONE.

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txf uk, what

i've never really watched the x factor regularly. well, that's not true, i used to watch x factor denmark religiously. i'll be able to name every single person on the show, how far they got and what year they were in. i'm not joking here. obsessed.

what i mean is that i never really bothered with the english x factor. which is a shame, really, because there's a bigger audience and a bigger chance of someone developing a career after the show. the same can't be said for the shitshow we call x factor in denmark.

anyway, since moving here, i decided to start watching it. and now i'm so so into it. so into it that i went to the x factor studios during week two and met ten of the contestants.

(sidenote, and i say this all the time, but ben haenow is the nicest contestant on the show. he's so nice and so talented and i proper love him.)

the other person that i really love on the show is james graham. wasn't too keen on stereo kicks (save for their audition with run) at first but that's really fucking change over the past week. i don't know what happened there. james is still my favourite and undoubtably the best singer there. but yeah. well. i just love james graham and want to see him succeed.
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London calling?

Suppose this needs updating every once in a while, eh?

Remember I talked about moving to London and spending my gap year there?

Yeah, I actually did it. Got a little flat in North London and a full-time job as a recruitment coordinator not far from where I live.

It's still a bit surreal and I'm still getting used to it, even if I've been here for a few months now.

I'm actually thinking about going to university over here next year. It's a long shot. I don't have £9000 nor do I have any interested in indebting myself for life. But going back to Denmark to study is just so discouraging. Makes me unhappy. Don't want to leave England, especially not knowing that I'm not going back for another five years.

I'm going to London Film Festival next month, seeing Colin Morgan's new movie at the screening. He's gonna be there. I'm slightly excited.

Things are well sooooo. Niiiice. Well done, Emma, all moved out and independent at 19. Applause.
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Can we talk about Neon Jungle?

Neon Jungle is a new four-piece girl group from the UK. They're amazing and I'm in love with them. I can't wait for their debut album, it's going to be sick. This is their second single, Braveheart.

If you don't know who they are or if you've just seen audio posts float around on Tumblr, I'm just going to give you a small introduction to them.

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so yeah, neon jungle is an awesome girl group already and juST BUY THEIR DEBUT ALBUM WHEN IT COMES OUT!!!!!!!!!!
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jared padalecki is a dick and his fans are worse

started my day out by getting a message from an anon on tumblr saying 'when you kill yourself, i will laugh' because i said that it's ridiculous that the supernatural fandom is defending jared padalecki's misogynistic tweet about justin bieber and that they should really stop acting like they're superior (especially to the beliebers) because they're just as gross and ignorant as every other fandom. wow that anon really showed me, didn't they? too bad their disgusting words only proved my point.

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I'm overwhelmed

I just got back from England this morning and I'm still not really sure how to feel. I have to get up and go to school tomorrow and I've never felt more 'over it' in my life. Occasionally I get the 'dang, I just want to be done with school already' but this time it's like... super overwhelming how much I just don't want to be in Denmark and how much I just want to be in England.

That aside, I had a fabulous weekend and I'm afraid to check my bank account lol. As you know, I went there to see Mojo and to hopefully meet Colin Morgan. Well, I didn't meet Colin but I saw the play. I'm very disappointed because it's my own fault that I didn't meet him. He arrived at the theatre probably five-ten minutes after me and my friends went to McDonald's to get something to eat. I was 100 meters away. I'm still so sad about this.

A positive thing, however, is that I met Rupert Grint - and I saw him a total of five times. Got a picture with him, which I'll just show you in a few sentences, and I also got his autograph after the show. Fun fact: three (four, if you count the play, which I do) of those five times I saw him, he was smoking. Literally ten minutes after he walked back inside after having a smoke, he came out to smoke again. Anyway, this is him and me.

He was so chill that I didn't even have to time to be nervous. A few other girls were getting autographs and I wanted one too but I'd forgotten something he could write on so I just went up to him and said 'Uhm, so I forgot something to write on... but can I have a picture with you?' and he was just like, yeah, sure. Told him I was looking forward to the show and.. I can't remember if he said anything back, he probably just smiled or something. I'm super proud of myself, though, because I didn't stutter or shake (much, anyway) or anything like that - which I usually always do. Also, I was looking hella fiiiiiine and I was feeling so great and yes, it was a good night.

So yeah, I met Rupert Grint???? It still hasn't really occured to me, tbh.

The play was great. Colin was amazing. I love Colin so much. I'm possibly even more in love with him than before. I'd go see it again if I had to opportunity - with better seats, mind you. My seats were shit but it was still worth it.

After the time we went to see the play, we or I went one more time, just to see if I could meet Colin. I was there at around 9pm because I really wanted to be in front when the cast came out to sign autographs. But then we were told that they weren't signing tonight. And I just, I was so sad. You don't understand how sad I was in that moment. After everyone left, I went up to one of the three men standing outside the stage door and said 'I know you said that they aren't signing tonight but I just wanted to hear if there was any way at all that I could get Colin's autograph because he means a lot to me' and the guy said 'no, sorry' and I SAID 'OK HAVE A NICE EVENING' CAN WE APPRECIATE HOW NICE I AM EVEN WHEN I'M SUPER SAD. I feel like it needs highlighting.

It was great, though, the trip, the play (even with the plot point that I HAD NOT seen coming and DID NOT know before watching it, you KNOW what plot point I'm talking about if you've read or seen the play before). I definitely enjoyed my time there and right now I'm just focused on getting through these last eight months so I can move over there and actually be where I want to be.
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London, Colin Morgan (for real this time) and... other stuff.

Wow, two posts in one day, exciting. This is just before I forget it and so that I don't come back in four days and go all 'SO SEEING MY BOO COLIN WAS AMAZING' and you all go 'whaaa'?'.

I mentioned in a post (the only post) in December that I was going to London to see Mojo - and that's tomorrow. Well, I'm flying tomorrow, I'm seeing it on Saturday. I'm so excited I can barely even concentrate on anything else. Do you have any idea how much effort I put into typing these words instead of losing it and just creating a mess here? A very big effort and I feel like I should get props for succeeding so far.

I booked three beds in a hostel close to the BBC because I know that area by heart by now and it's gonna be awesome. Actually, I first booked three beds at the last hostel I stayed at (during SitC) but I forgot everything about the fact that England don't allow underagers to stay in mixed dorms with people over 18 - and unfortunately the two very lovely girls I'm going with are both 16. I just realized that that means I'm responsible for them, oh boy. I wonder how that's gonna go. Anyway, I lost my 10% deposit because I was an idiot and didn't think to secure it and it was approximately 35 pounds. Which doesn't sound like a lot. But it's still 35 pounds lost and wasted on nothing.

Anyway. Colin Morgan. I'm about to cry again. I cry a lot these days, because I'm excited. Ok, I don't cry. I tear up and I feel like I'm going to throw up. I don't know if I'll actually be able to handle it if I go to the stage door afterwards (which I will, obviously) and he actually comes out (which he might not). Might just start crying. That would be embarrassing. I just love him a lot and I can't wait to see the play and I definitely can't wait to see him in the play.

But a girl made me super anxious earlier today because when he was in the Tempest, she traveled from Italy to see him and he was /sick/ and now I'm just so worried that he's gonna be sick and I'm not gonna see him, you know? It's just that feeling - everything's going so well and I'm just SO SURE something will go wrong.

Rupert Grint is also in it. Yeah. Super exciting. That's one of my best fictional friends from my childhood right there. It'll be surreal to see him in real life. So surreal. Like, oh hey that's Ron oh wait no that's Rupert. Ben Whishaw's also in it. Yeah. Are you jealous yet? I'm almost jealous of myself.

Anyway, I'm leaving tomorrow and I'll be back on Tuesday. Maybe I'll even go by the BBC again and see if I can catch Grimmy after work. That'd be great.
Tom Felton Drama Issue

Lee Pace, though???

I've never been interested in neither Lord of the Rings nor Star Wars. I'm still not interested in Star Wars. But my friend Kira bought me the trilogy of LotR for Christmas because she thought it was disgraceful that I'd never seen them. I haven't watched them yet, though, because I haven't had the time but I can't wait.

Kira and my other friend Maria made me watch The Hobbit 1 on the 31st and even though I wasn't really paying attention that much, I loved Kíli enough to go see the second one the next day - also they'd promised me Legolas, so I kinda had to, didn't I? Yes, I was that shallow but the first one wasn't really able to hold my attention.

So, we went to watch the second one (it was Kira's 3rd time, what a nerd) and I was SO INTO it. I went to see it with the mentality that 'oooh Kíli is good-looking, aaah Legolas is hot', right, and I left thinking 'oh my GOD that was AMAZING holy hell WOAH'. The story in itself got way more interesting, the effects were great and I just LOVED it and the humour was on point. It was overall an awesome movie.

But I'm not gonna lie. The Hobbit cast, right? Amazingly good-looking, all of them. Especially Thranduil aka Lee Pace was amazing. I went in there thinking 'AHH LEGOLAS' and left thinking 'AAAHH LEGOLAS' DAD' (which is funny because Lee is actually two year older than Orlando, who's playing his son). I still maintain that Kíli is fucking hot, though, even more so when he's dying, as bizarre as that might sound.

Although I could have been without the romantic storyline that was Kíli and Thauriel, I was happy that they maintained her bad-assness. She wasn't the one sighing over or dreaming about him - Kíli was the one going 'do you think she could have loved me' and I found that amazing. Also she saved his life, not the other way around. I really liked that. Not to mention that she didn't give a shit about Legolas' affections towards her; she didn't feel lucky or honoured that an elf of a higher rank that her desired her because she wasn't interested in him. We need more female characters like her. I love her. Love her love her love her.

I really can't wait for the third one. Really really can't.